Renaissance Chromatic

The Renaissance chromatic was invented by Douglas Tate and Bobbie Giordano. It was first introduced at the 1997 Buckeye Harmonica Festival and shortly after that at SPAH convention in Michigan. After Tate passed away in 2005, Seydel continued producing the Renaissance.

Original “Ilus Renaissance” with manual

The unique and revolutionary feature of the Renaissance is the fact that it does not show any screws or screw holes on the exterior. The mouth piece is attached to the comb by long hidden screws situated at the backside of the harmonica. The covers are attached without any screws at all.

The Renaissance employed a revolutionary design, showing no visible screws

The main materials used were stainless steel for the comb and silver plated brass for cover plates and mouth piece.

Collage from the user manual showing how to disassemble the instrument
Seydel Renaissance with cases, from my collection

In 2015 Seydel stopped producing and selling the Renaissance.

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