Hohner CX 12

From the Hohner website:
With its sleek good looks and the elegant simplicity of its construction, the CX 12 Black turned a lot of heads when it was introduced in 1992. It won the German Industry Design Award shortly afterwards.
The patent# DE 41 29 817 C1 was granted in 1992 to Horst Jakubaschk, Wolf Linde and Gunter Weber. Besides the unique design, the cover consisting only of one piece, it was also the first time Hohner used an internal compression spring similar to the Koch chromatic from 1927.

CX 12 harmonicas, from my collection

The CX 12 came initially in 5 different colors: black, gold, silver, ivory and maroon. Since 1998, only the black and gold colored ones were still sold by Hohner.
In 2008 Hohner introduced the CX 12 Jazz with a new mouth piece design.

Hohner CX 12 Jazz

In 1996, Siegfried Naruhn, Germany, made what he called the CB-16.
It’s a 16-hole version of the CX 12, with a brass cover.
In 1999, he also designed and built a special CB10 Wholetone chromatic harmonica for the Dutch Jazz harmonica player Wim Dijkgraaf. It was called Toni II.
Even though the instrument had only ten channels it had actually a range of more than 3 octaves.

Toni II, designed and customized by Siegfried Naruhn

Also on his website, Brendan Power has some photos of his custom CX harmonicas.

Brendan Power custom CX 14 (basically two CX12 cut and put together to extend the range by two channels). It is equipped with Suzuki 14 hole reed plates.
A CX 16 prototype using Super 64 components (manufacturer unknown).
Another custom CX 12 with Aluminum Alloy Case, (sold under the name COLA Harmonica).
Odin-12, sold under the company name Viking Age

A Chinese website now offers copies of the CX 12 shell in new colors.
Since about 2002 there is also a Chinese manufacturer (Wuxi-Suzuki) selling clones of the CX 12 as well as a 10 hole version (Golden Butterfly WH-12 and WH-10).


From left, Golden Butterfly WH-12 and WH-10 (black) are from my collection.
The gray WH-10 seems to be a prototype

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