F.A. Rauner World Master

This is another interesting chromatic with an original slide mechanism. F.A. Rauner must have produced this unusual slide chromatic after 1944. The DRWZ 261424 (“Deutsches-Reichs-Waren-Zeichen” -> basically the registration to offer a basic copyright protection for design or function ). The DRWZ initials were used in Germany after 1944. Before that, D.R.G.M. -> Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster were the official initials for copy rights.

Seydel Bandmaster chromatic with same slider mechanism, 12 hole version

One thought on “F.A. Rauner World Master

  1. I have a F.A. Rauner “World Master” harmonica with # 201454 and the initials DRWZ. Have any idea on age and value, as I wish to sell this.


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