Böhm Blue Bird New World Chromatic Vamper and Tremolo Chromatic

In 1937 Böhm applied for patent #DE703 133. It was granted in 1941. The idea was to use a slider to cover one set of reeds instead of shifting an entire reed plate as described in the earlier patent #DE470354 by Otto Hermann Böhm and applied in earlier Böhm models.
The newly patented idea was then realized in several new Böhm chromatic models.
The Blue Bird Chromatic Vamper was a single tone chromatic harmonica. As you can see in the below manual the notes were in a particular order.

Böhm Blue Bird Chromatic Vamper, also based on the patent from 1929, from my collection
Blue Bird Chromatic Vamper manual showing the exact order of the notes
Slider mechanism used in the Blue Bird Chromatic Vamper, courtesy of the
Musikinstrumenten Museum in Markneukirchen, Germany
Gretsch Rex Band model using the same mechanism. I assume this version was also
manufactured by Böhm

The Tremolo Chromatic, also manufactured by Böhm, followed the same principle of covering one set of reeds.

Böhm Tremolo Chromatic showing the internal mechanism
(From John Whiteman’s Collection and Harmonica Anthology)
Böhm Tremolo Chromatic, from my collection
Böhm Tremolo Chromatic manual, showing the note order
Böhm also came out with a “Blue Bird” version of the Tremolo Chromatic

3 thoughts on “Böhm Blue Bird New World Chromatic Vamper and Tremolo Chromatic

  1. Good Morning Mark
    Thank you for your latest Harmonica info (Böhm) – amazing where you get all these titbits of info and the research you must have to do!
    Thank you!
    On my end – the last time we chatted was about a Chrometta and you were right on the mark regarding price!
    I got a good one from a Hans Hohner living in Trossingen and paid €400.00 fully serviced!
    A most interesting instrument and lively challenging – most enjoyable!

    If I may Mark – I have one more question regarding the sound of Titanium body harmonicas.
    The Easttop people make this kind of harmonica now available and other than weight – can one expect other variables from such a harmonica – ie sound or whatever?
    Hope I’m not imposing too much on your time but always enjoy hearing from you!
    Take care

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Hi George

      happy you got your Chrometta. Yes, Hans Hohner is the best address for Chromettas. He knows it like no other. Have fun exploring the instrument!

      Regarding Titanium body harmonicas. For me it is an ideal metal. It is very light but sturdy. I certainly gives you a more metallic sound. I like it in combination with my silver covers.
      No idea how it sounds together with steel covers. The price for the 3 octave Easttop is pretty decent. Maybe worth a try.



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