Albert’s System Chromorgan

The Chromorgan is a very interesting harmonica not in terms of any new slider invention but rather for its unique boomerang shape.

Boomerang harmonicas were exclusively sold to the Australian market. Frank Albert, the owner of the largest music store in Sydney, commissioned those harmonicas from Seydel in Germany and sold them under the synonym “Albert’s System”. If you ever have a chance to buy the book “Boomerangs and Crackajacks” by Ray Grieve, you will get a great overview of the Australian harmonica history. There is also a blog by Harmonicariffraff showing a list of all harmonicas ever available in Australia.

Chromorgan, dating back to 1936, from my collection
Boomerang Chromatic harmonicas, from my collection


One thought on “Albert’s System Chromorgan

  1. Excellent Information here, I am a Boomerang Harmonica collector myself, ironically, the Chromatic was the downfall of the Boomerangs, their slider wasn’t as good as the Hohner, and they became the market leader….

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