Thorens Chromatic with external spring

Thorens a Swiss manufacturer of high-end audio equipment used to manufacture harmonicas between 1914-1921 and 1938-1952.

One of the three chromatic harmonicas they manufactured caught my attention. Similar to the Koch chromatic, one of their 10 hole chromatics came with an external compression spring.

10-hole Thorens chromatic harmonica with external compression spring

My assumption is that the 10-hole chromatic with compression spring was the first of the three chromatics Thorens brought to market. I would date it back to the late 1930s.

Thorens chromatics, from my collection

10-hole Thorens chromatic harmonica with enameled covers and
external compression spring

2 thoughts on “Thorens Chromatic with external spring

  1. I have a THORENS No:10 same as second one in picture. I purchased new many years ago and try to teach myself.
    Still in original purchased box.In great condition for age, very little use.
    Any Idea of value and who would want one greatly apreciated.
    Thank you


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