Will’s Make A12

The newly released Will’s Make A12 (Advanced) is a new
state-of-the-art 3 octave chromatic harmonica.

Will’s Make A12 with titanium body and Grenadilla (African wood) covers, from my collection

The parts were manufactured using modern production processes:
CNC, 3D printing and lasering
Except for the reeds and slide stopper the A12 does not utilize any screws.
There has never been a chromatic harmonica easier to dis/assemble and maintain.

The Grenadilla (African wood) covers are extra thin (0.8 mm) with smooth coating for easy lip movement and plenty of sound holes for additional sound distribution.
The inside covers are half channeled and include added silver sheets for reinforcement and added tone color.
Both covers can easily be de/attached via magnets.

Grenadilla covers with silver sheet re-enforcement and half channels

The two piece slider system includes lasered channels to prevent a sticky slider. The half moon shaped mouth piece includes semi square holes. Via rails it slides onto the body and is completely air tight. That way the slider can be removed and re-attached within seconds.

The mouth piece can be easily removed as well as the slider

The custom 2 mm thick reed plates come with screwed on Seydel Symphony extra polished stainless steel reeds. Both reed plates are attached via a removable rail and 2 clamps (for each side).

The rail is used to put the reed plates firm into place

The trapezoid shaped TI body allows for extra wide openings between covers and body.

The titanium body has a trapezoid shape for wide openings
The A12 comes with a wooden box
Disassembling the A12 in less than 30 seconds
A12 completely disassembled

There is also a fourteen hole version (A14) available.

4 thoughts on “Will’s Make A12

  1. Hi Mark
    Another masterful piece on an equally as interesting harmonica!
    Well done!
    The selection of reeds is interesting and good choice – begs the question on sound vis-à-vis the Titanium body and wood cover!?
    Speaking of wood covers – are rosewood covers still an item?
    All in all a brilliant piece – I think you have been working with Wills on this for quite some time!
    Looks good – a fresh breath of air/harmonica!
    Thank you
    George Blumel
    P. S. Just got my Fabulous F48S and love it – certainly a whack heavier than a titanium one!

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    1. Hi George, happy you found the harmonica you love. I am sure the Fabulous is a pleasant instrument to play. Yes, the brass body makes it a tiny bid heavier. 🙂
      The covers are made out of Grenadilla (not similar to Ebony, as I first thought) wood also used for oboes and flutes. Can’t say how rose wood sounds.
      Thanks for your nice words!


  2. Amazing and incredible craftsmanship.What is the Price?I also know that Will on his site posted he is in the process of making a 14 hole!


    1. Hi Douglas, yes a 14-hole version will be also available. The price depends on the material you choose. Please reach out to Will directly. You can contact in via FB messenger.


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