Kongsheng Lyra

The Lyra was introduced at the 2019 Frankfurt Music fair in Germany.
What makes this instrument worth mentioning is the construction of the buffer used for the slider as well as its design. This is the first harmonica  designed by Kongsheng’s own in-house designer. It sets this harmonica apart from most of  Chines produced harmonicas, usually copying the appearance of already existing harmonicas.
The corpus is made out of aluminum.

Kongsheng “Lyra” comes in silver and cold colors


New unique buffer system, consisting of a metal shell and a silicone ring


New silver Kongsheng Lyra, from my collection

Update: the new Lyra Gold is now also available for sale.
Interestingly enough, this one is straight tuned not cross tuned
like the silver version.

Kongsheng Lyra gold edition

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