Tombo MU-01 and MU-01 PG

In 2015 at the music fair in Frankfurt, Germany, Tombo presented the new Mu-01 (µ-01) and Mu-01 PG (µ-01 PG).

Tombo Mu-01 (µ-01) chromatic, from my collection
Mu-01 PG (µ-01 PG) with pink gold coating covers
Tombo soft leather case

The novelty of those instruments is a new slide mechanism Tombo called “new Short-Cross-Key function”.  As Tombo describes, it is as a revolutionary, newly designed slide for quick and effortless movement. As you press the slide the holes close from both sides. In addition there are 2 springs to keep it balanced:

New short cross slider illustration  from Tombo
New short cross slider in action, including the two spring system

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