Suzuki S-48B Bass Chromatic

From the Suzuki harmonica website:
the Suzuki S-48B is a bass chromatic harmonica that can play the same bass range as a cello, with the same style and size as the standard 12-hole 48 tones chromatic harmonica. Until now, there was only a choice of heavy bass harmonica, but with the S-48B you can easily carry and play. Planned release date is July 2019.

Suzuki S-48B Bass Chromatic
The lower reeds have big slabs of extra brass attached
Chart showing the S-48B in comparison to the  normal chromatic harmonica range

Until now, the first real slide chromatic bass was the Brendan Power slide bass. It is actually a mouthpiece/slider unit attached to a regular bass harmonica.

Brendan Power Slide Bass mouthpiece/slider unit

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