Wolfe Linde Chromatics

Wolf Linde is a former R&D engineer at Hohner. For more than 50 years he was contributing to many of the inventions coming out of the Hohner factory. He was also a member of the CX 12 development team. His name is included in the corresponding patent# DE 41 29 817 C1. The 65 pages catalogue “Mundharmonika Kinder” (all color prints) by Wolfgang Ott shows all the extraordinary harmonica prototypes Wolf Linde produced over five decades.

Wolf Linde’s “Mundharmonika Kinder” (harmonica children) catalogue, created by Wolfgang Ott

Linde Tremolo Chromatic from 1963

Linde Chromatic from 1974

The full catalogue can be ordered directly from Wolfgang Ott via e-mail.


Recently, I came across this Linde Prototype. It is not part of Wolfgang Ott’s catalogue. I assume Linde sold it of or gifted it to a catalogue or friend.
This harmonica is really an interesting construction. The reeds are accordion rather than harmonica reeds. The slider rotates inside a tube. It has one design flaw though. There is no possibility to reach/repair an inner reed. A broken reed (or even a stuck valve) would render the instrument useless. Maybe that’s why it is only a prototype…

Wolf Linde chromatic harmonica prototype, from my collection
Wolf Linde prototype disassembled, from my collection

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