“The Chromatic Harmonica” by Hohner

The next leap in chromatic harmonica development came from Hohner in 1910.

“The Music Trade Review” first ad of the new Hohner chromatic harmonica in 1910
Hohner “The Chromatic Harmonica”, the one from my collection (dates back to 1910)
Later it was renamed to “The Chromonica”, part of my collection (around 1920)
The “Chromonica” called No. 260 with external spring from the 1929 Spanish Hohner catalogue.

The Hohner chromatic harmonica was the first one with an external spring.
From that moment on the external spring was the de facto standard. It was used for practically all chromatic harmonicas until about 1930 with few exceptions.

Borrah Minnevitch slide chromatics with external spring, from my collection

Side note: the US patent# 1671309 for the Hohner Chromonica was issues in 1928. The application for this patent was made in 1926, some sixteen years after the Chromonica was first advertised.

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