Hohner Chromonica with internal spring

In 1930 Hohner presented a new “Chromonica”. It included an internal spring which was another leap in harmonica engineering.

Sketch showing the construction of the internal spring with accompanying slider parts. Even today the “Chromonica” uses the same parts.

The patent #DE490 654 was submitted in 1927 and granted to Hohner in 1930.

Advertisement from the 1938 Hohner catalogue
Advertisement from the 1938 Hohner catalogue
The “Chromonica” by Hohner, from my collection

Additionally, Hohner came out with a three and in 1936 a four octave version of the Chromonica.

Hohner’s Chromonica I,II and III, from my collection

Hohner added also a separate Larry Adler line (junior 10 hole and 12 hole version) with enamel cover plates. Later on, a four octave model was added.

Larry Adler chromatic harmonicas, from my collection. The models in the foreground with enamel came out first. The plain 12 hole and the four octave versions were the replacements some years later

Special edition 12-hole “Larry Adler”. The Cover only show the signature.
Special edition 12-hole, courtesy harmonica museum Trossingen
Rare 14 hole Larry Adler chromatic, from my collection

The “Chromonica” design has been copied by various other harmonica manufacturers.
Below a selection of some of the copies:

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